Latest Info On The Flood Front

Here’s a message from Janna Stoskopf, dean of student life at NDSU: At a 1:30 pm press conference, the Mayor announced that the Red River is now expected to crest at 41 feet on Saturday morning. This is the highest river level in the history of Fargo. As a result, we need more help. You…
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Calling All Volunteers!

Mayor Dennis Walaker just held a media conference about 15 minutes ago asking for volunteers to come out in full force. If you are a student – come to the Memorial Union Volunteer Station which is coordinating with the City of Fargo. Buses from the Union will take you where the city needs you most!…
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Why Go To MU To Register To Volunteer?

Question: As a student volunteer I am curious as to the importance of registering with NDSU at the memorial union. I have been helping sandbag and build dikes downtown as well as for homes along the river. Is there a specific reason students need to register at NDSU or does it really matter if you…
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NO Classes March 25 & 26

NDSU President Joseph Chapman announced this evening that there will be no classes on Wednesday, March 25 & Thursday, March 26.  

Shots: Basketball And Tetanus

Curious about whether or not you need a tetanus shot before you help sandbag?  Officials from the NDSU Student Health Service and the State Health Department say that floodwaters will not increase your risk for tetanus, and vaccines are not necessary unless dealing with contaminated water or flood cleanup.  Students can make an appointment for…
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