Assistant Professor Awarded Grant To Study Animal Genetics

Photo of Tim Greives

Timothy Greives, NDSU assistant professor of biological sciences, has been awarded a $192,114 National Science Foundation Office of Integrative Activities grant for seasonal animal breeding research.

As part of the project, Greives will receive training as he researches animal reproduction at Columbia University. Greives will study whether a gene vital to creating ideal breeding outcomes for female animals is seasonally controlled. The research could help determine how animals, like birds and sheep, properly time breeding.

“While prior research has revealed how male animals prepare for mating, much less is known regarding how females precisely time reproduction,” said Greives, who will use songbirds as the model for the research. “The knowledge generated will not only contribute to robust basic knowledge, but also has the potential to enhance economic productivity in the state.”

Greives hopes insights gained from the collaborative research at Columbia will enhance knowledge transfer to future NDSU students, the department of biological sciences and NDSU.

The Office of Integrative Activities coordinates interdisciplinary programs to advance research excellence and innovation. The OIA’s initiatives capitalize on new scientific and engineering concepts and generate technology-based solutions that benefit the economy and society.

The National Science Foundation grant number for Greives’s research is 1738591.

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