New Inclusion Committee To Begin Work This Fall

An advisory group called the NDSU Inclusion Committee, organized by the Equity Office, will begin work next fall. The committee’s charge is to advise and guide NDSU’s efforts to create an equitable, supportive and inclusive environment for all students, faculty and staff.

The focus and structure of the committee is guided by the work of more than 30 faculty and staff from across the university who met during fall 2016. That group considered strengths and opportunities for growth at the university regarding structures, processes, resources and initiatives that impact equity, diversity and inclusion. A campuswide equity, diversity and inclusion action plan was developed through an appreciative inquiry process facilitated by Marie Hvidsten, rural leadership specialist with the Center for Community Vitality.

The committee’s action plan centers around people, institutional structures and processes such as education, training and assessment. The committee will review several recommendations offered through the appreciative inquiry process for implementation this coming year.

Specifically, the committee will help foster professional, inclusive, collaborative, equitable behavior in all university environments and operations.

Committee members will represent a variety of stakeholder groups at the university. NDSU community members are invited to nominate themselves. Self-nominating letters, outlining an individual’s skills and experiences to bring to this group, should be sent to

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