Human Development And Family Science Professor Honored


Greg Sanders, professor in NDSU’s Department of Human Development and Family Science, was awarded the 2017 Friend of the Great Plains IDEA award at the group’s annual meeting April 4 in Kansas City, Missouri.

Sanders was honored for more than 20 years of leadership in Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance. He served in many roles including the chair of the Human Sciences Academic Board and the chair of the Great Plains IDEA Cabinet. Great Plains IDEA brings together faculty from accredited universities to offer high-quality, cost-effective online academic programs at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

“Greg’s work in the conceptualization and implementation of these programs greatly contributed to the strength and success that they currently enjoy,” said Jim Deal, NDSU professor of human development and family science. “He is held in high esteem by faculty and administrators alike.”

Sanders helped implement the Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance at NDSU, which includes the following principles for online education:

·      Assessment of instructional needs

·      Faculty credentials

·      Quality assurance standards

·      Cooperation as equals and overcoming institutional barriers

“Remember, in the late 1990s, not only was internet-based distance education a new idea, the internet was a new idea,” said Deal. “Greg played a key role in planning and facilitating training for faculty.”

NDSU participates in seven human sciences programs and four agriculture programs through the consortium. Eighteen accredited member institutions and two accredited affiliate institutions share responsibilities to offer 12 online degrees and 14 online certificates.

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