Bison Microventure Team To Present Research

The award-winning Bison Microventure innovation team has scheduled its annual end-of-the-year symposium for Thursday, May 8, from 5-7 p.m. in 152 Dunbar Hall.

According to the student group’s principal mentor, David L. Wells, professor of industrial and manufacturing engineering, the work of the Microventure team focuses on application of micro-technologies to facets in the development of novel dental and bone implants.

“This semester’s enrollment is 17 students, representing eight different majors from four NDSU colleges,” Wells said, noting the team was divided into eight interrelated task groups. “This has been another eventful year for the Bison Microventure. Among the more visible achievements this year were three entries, and two finalists, in the NDSU Innovation Challenge ‘14, a finalist entry in a juried international Design of Medical Devices competition, a utility patent application, a seminar delivered to faculty and doctoral students at the University of Minnesota and presentation of a poster at the annual conference of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in San Diego.”

The first 10-minute presentation will be by Erica Mueller, a doctoral student in biochemistry. She will discuss “Overview of the Pursuit of a New Concept in Bone Implants.”

Other presentations and presenters include:

  • “Testing the Porosity Hypothesis: Osteoinfiltration Experiments,” Hannah Green, a senior majoring in music, and senior zoology major Shelby Schields
  • “Imaging of Osteoblasts,” Anna Hruby, a senior majoring in zoology, and senior Thomas Jaszczak, a zoology major
  • “Preparation and Characterization of Microformed Ceramic Implant Samples,” Colton Arries, a senior majoring in manufacturing engineering, and Andrew Norris, a junior studying industrial engineering and management
  • “Development of an Artificial Jaw: Geometric Replication,” Andrew Dalman, a senior manufacturing engineering major, and Joel Hedlof, a junior studying mechanical engineering
  • “Development of an Artificial Jaw: Material Properties Replication,” Cong Liu, a senior in manufacturing engineering, and Michael Tchida, a senior zoology major
  • “Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Artificial Bone Materials,” Joshua Braun, a junior majoring in manufacturing engineering
  • “Permanent Antimicrobial Properties for Dental Implant Materials,” Jordan Brummond, a junior microbiology major; Sarah Lindblom, a senior zoology major; and Erica Mueller, a doctoral student in biochemistry.
  • “Emulating In Vivo Conditions for Osteoblast Growth in the Laboratory,” Lucas Budzien, a senior mechanical engineering major; Jacob Larson, a junior manufacturing engineering major; and Dustin Mueller, a senior biochemistry major.

Following the research summaries, there will be opportunity for questions and dialogue after the formal presentations.

For more information or to RSVP, contact Wells at

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