NDSU Electron Microscopy Center To Hold Open House Jan. 13

The NDSU Electron Microscopy Center has scheduled an open house Monday, Jan. 13, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 1307 18th Street N., just south of NDSU’s Wallman Wellness Center and inside the USDA Northern Crops Science Laboratory.

The Electron Microscopy Center’s newest acquisition helps researchers and others see what’s inside an object by assembling 3D image slices, without having to physically cut or damage the item. Learn more about the Electron Microscopy Center’s new GE v|tome|x s 240kV microfocus X-ray computed tomography system, with additional 180kV high performance nanofocus submicron X-ray tube (nanoCT) and high-contrast digital flat panel detector. This and other specialized imaging equipment are available to researchers, students and industrial users.

Benefits for research and business

The new versatile state-of-the-art X-ray inspection and computed tomography (microCT) system enables external and internal evaluation of intact objects, not otherwise possible without permanent damage. Like computed tomography, or CAT scanning, microCT equipment acquires successive X-ray image slices of an object.

Sophisticated software and a powerful computer workstation manipulate images to provide digital 3D reconstruction, exterior and interior measurements, density analysis, defect inspection and surface rendering for finite element analysis. This type of nondestructive testing has wide-ranging research and commercial applications.

The NDSU Electron Microscopy Center provides comprehensive microscopy services for teaching, research and potential commercial applications, from initial project planning to publishable photographs. The facility houses nearly $5 million worth of equipment, including the following major instruments in addition to the microCT: field-emission analytical scanning electron microscope, high-resolution analytical transmission electron microscope, variable-pressure analytical scanning electron microscope, and tungsten-filament transmission electron microscope.

Find the NDSU Electron Microscopy Center atwww.ndsu.edu/em_lab/facility/location.

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