Distance And Continuing Education Offers Online Technical Writing Course

NDSU’s Distance and Continuing Education Office is collaborating with JER Online to offer a massive open online course on technical writing for documentation.

The seven-week course, titled The Fundamentals of Structured Writing for Technical Documentation, is designed to further skills using XMetaL, XML and DITA standard.

The course, which was opened on Aug. 19, also provides an introduction to other writing standards, output options and content management systems. A course description and registration is available at http://ndsu.me/dcem1308b.

A massive open online course is available to the public at no cost. While the course is not available for credit, participants have the option of receiving a certificate upon completion for a small processing fee. More information on the course and related articles can be found at http://ndsu.me/mooc1308.

The Distance and Continuing Education Office partners with JER Online to offer affordable, non-credit classes and certificates that are industry developed and provide access to the same online learning tools businesses use for employees. Other JER Online class offerings through NDSU Distance and Continuing Education can be found at http://coursecatalog.com/ndsu.

The NDSU Distance and Continuing Education Office offers a diverse selection of online degrees, certificates and services to encourage lifelong learning. For more information, contact the office at 701-231-7015 or ndsudce@ndsu.edu.

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