NDSU Extension Service Helps Youth See Citizenship In Action

4-H’ers decide on a mock political party name, slogan and platform during
the 2013 Citizenship in Action event in Bismarck.

North Dakota 4-Hers recently visited Bismarck, N.D., for a lesson in citizenship.

They gathered in Bismarck on Feb. 17 and 18 to practice the legislative process, interact with legislators and learn how to become a change agent for the future.

Activities on Feb. 17 included workshops on political party platforms, etiquette and protocol when addressing legislators, and a mock 2013 Citizenship in Action general election.

They learned about the role political parties have in shaping our government and then put their knowledge to work by creating their own party platforms and nominating candidates to run on a mock general election ballot. They campaigned for office and ran the polls for the mock election.

They spent Feb. 18 at the North Dakota Capitol and learned how bills are made, observed committee meetings, toured the Capitol, met with their local representatives and senators, and viewed the Senate or House in session. They also hosted a 4-H Showcase where legislators and guests viewed displays highlighting 4-H programming in each youth’s county.

The NDSU Extension Service’s Center for 4-H Youth Development and the North Dakota 4-H Foundation sponsored the event.