NDSU Counselor Receives Life Saver Award

Back row: F-M Ambulance crew. Front row: Ross Balstad, Kathy Dahl, Jeffrey Dahl, Ryan Narlock and Amber Bach-Gorman.

NDSU counselor Amber Bach-Gorman received the F-M Ambulance Life Saver Award, along with two other individuals, Nov. 28 to honor their aid in assisting Jeffrey Dahl, who suffered cardiac arrest while working out at the Schlossman YMCA in Fargo.

Ross Balstad aided Bach-Gorman in her efforts of using CPR on Dahl, and Ryan Narlock, YMCA staffer, used an automated external defibrillator machine to help bring Dahl back to life with the help of F-M Ambulance paramedics who soon arrived on scene.

After the event, Bach-Gorman learned that Dahl’s brother is a fellow NDSU employee. Mark Dahl, brother of Jeffrey, is the associate director of Facilities Management.

“Amber is a take-charge individual who made the decision to go and help,” Mark Dahl said. “Our family can’t thank her enough.”

Bach-Gorman is reluctant about all the attention the story is getting, but adds that if it gets people trained in CPR, than it’s a good thing.

“The award is nice, but seeing him happy, healthy and with his family is better,” Bach-Gorman said.