Bresciani Puts Hold On Child Care Center Closure

Dear Campus Community:

As you may imagine, it has been an interesting last 48 hours for the President of NDSU.  At the end of the day, I’ve found myself proud of and impressed by our campus community and our legislative leaders, and more enthusiastic than ever regarding the future potentials of NDSU.

I was proud that within moments of learning about a decision impacting members of the campus community, I experienced an overwhelming response from faculty, staff, students and even alumni about that decision.  Many of those writing openly shared that they were not being directly impacted but were concerned the attractiveness, cohesion, and sense of welcome NDSU has come to pride itself on was at risk.  Those responses galvanized for me that any action or decision impacting a part of our campus community is the business of our entire campus community.  I could not be more pleased than to see that so clearly demonstrated.

I was also impressed that while spending all day in Bismarck today, in delicate NDSU funding discussions, I experienced an impressive level of concern, support and flexibility from our legislative representatives concerning the decision.  It was made clear to me that the method used for funding the Center no longer meets state expectations (a feature legislators without exception agreed must be discontinued), but they appreciated efforts to do the right thing in the eyes of the state, and offered sincere concern for area child care issues, and flexibility in finding a solution.

In light of those new developments, over the next few days I will be personally asking a number of related campus groups to identify viable financial means to temporarily delay a decision. I am confident they will be successful in doing so and as such have put the matter on hold until 2012.

During the more extended period, I will return the situation to the faculty leaders who originally forwarded the closure recommendation to me, and ask them to take responsibility for permanently resolving the matter.  I will look forward to supporting a creative solution which will allow us to maintain the campus environment of which we all are so proud.

Thank you for the enthusiasm and support you have demonstrated for your campus community.

Dean Bresciani