NDSU Spring Enrollment Reflects Student Success

North Dakota State University’s focus on student success resulted in an enrollment increase for the 12th year in a row to 13,533 students in the university’s undergraduate, professional and graduate programs compared with 13,411 students a year ago. The official enrollment figures, which are compiled following the fourth week of classes, were announced Feb. 8.

President Dean L. Bresciani said the enrollment figure reflects the effectiveness of NDSU programs that guide students to succeed academically and personally. “NDSU is unique nationally in that it is a land-grant, research-based and student-focused university,” said Bresciani. “That combination provides what few others do and our students are realizing the benefits.” Student success programs include first-year student mentoring and learning, student involvement, service and leadership.

The number of new freshmen for the semester stands at 54, and there are 276 new transfer students.  Graduate student numbers increased to 2,213 compared with last spring’s all-time record enrollment of 2,146. In addition, NDSU’s international student population is now 1,274 undergraduate and graduate students. That number compares with 1,216 during the previous spring semester.