NDSU Rallies Against Anti-gay Chants

NDSU’s Student Government will hold a “Walk the Talk” rally this Thursday, Nov. 4, in the Memorial Union Great Ballroom. “Walk the Talk” is a student-led initiative that aims to combat bullying and harassment at NDSU. Speakers at the rally include administrative members, a diversity representative and a student athlete.

The “Walk the Talk” campaign has been spurred by anti-gay chants coming from the student section at football games and the national epidemic of suicide resulting from degrading behavior toward others.

Student government also will have a booth in the Memorial Union this week from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. where students can pledge to stop bullying and harassment; educate themselves about issues of diversity; confront inappropriate language, stereotypes and actions that degrade others; and work to create a welcoming environment at NDSU.

In an e-mail to NDSU staff, Ken Story, student government executive commissioner of public relations, wrote, “Our intent isn’t to change the world and tell people what to do, but have other students realize the impact of their words and their actions.”