Mongeon-Stewart To Continue Overseeing NDSU Business Processes

Fargo, N.D., Oct. 18, 2010 – North Dakota State University Vice President of Finance and Administration Bruce Bollinger announced today the permanent appointment of Karla Mongeon-Stewart as Director of Change Management and Process Improvement. Mongeon-Stewart had been carrying out the responsibilities associated with the position under the title of Interim Facilities Co-Director since May 19.  Prior to that she served as NDSU’s Budget Director for three years.

Mongeon-Stewart will continue to be responsible for leading the development and implementation of business processes and solutions ensuring NDSU’s adherence to all applicable policies, laws and State Board of Higher Education procedures within the division of finance and administration.  In addition, she will provide operational finance leadership and support to the departments. Mongeon- Stewart will report directly to Bollinger.

“NDSU is committed to an overall improvement of business processes,” Bollinger said. “Karla will be able to build on her more than nine years of higher education leadership experience to meet the goals and objectives of the division. She will work closely with the office of Ethics, Compliance and Audit.”

Mongeon-Stewart said, “I am excited to continue working closely with all the departments within the division of finance and administration to streamline business processes and improve the flow of information.”

Mongeon-Stewart is a certified public accountant with an MBA and a 1996 graduate of NDSU.