NDSU Broadens Internal Audit Functions

North Dakota State University President Dean L. Bresciani is redefining the mission of the university’s internal audit office to place additional emphasis on a campus culture of ethical behavior and good stewardship.

In addition to assisting administration through appraisals, analysis and counsel related to risk, control and governance issues, the Office of Ethics, Compliance and Audit now has an additional mandate to more actively promote proper stewardship of public and private funds. Attention will be placed on training employees to be aware of policies and procedures and on being a resource for employees with questions about policies. The office will also actively seek potential compliance concerns.

Business processes will be reviewed and updated to further ensure compliance with laws, rules and regulations at the federal, state, local and university level. According to recent changes with the North Dakota State Board of Higher Education, university internal auditors will report to their respective presidents and the board’s Budget, Audit and Finance Committee.

“At NDSU, all employees, students and affiliated entities are responsible for ethical behavior, and making decisions as good stewards for the state of North Dakota,” Bresciani said. “This reorganization helps us improve the system by which honest people do their jobs. The university has changed rapidly in the past several years, and we can see that processes need to be updated to meet the demands of the university as it operates today.”

Eric J. Miller, who came to NDSU as internal auditor in June 2009, will oversee the Office of Ethics, Compliance and Audit. He has more than 15 years of experience in internal auditing and corporate governance. Miller has worked with a variety of organizations including multi-billion dollar corporations, publically-owned utilities, school districts, and state and local governments. He is originally from Pelican Rapids, Minn., and a Concordia College graduate.

For a fact sheet with more information on the changes, go to http://www.ndsu.edu/news/ click on the headline, and scroll down to the bottom of the release.