12th Ave. Project Update

Good Afternoon,
At the last job meeting for the 12th Ave project, there were several 
issues discussed that will have an impact on NDSU.
They are:
– next week about mid-week paving will take place from the east end 
of the bridge to 18th St (weather permitting); at this time no 
closure is anticipated, but it will definitely impact the flow of 
traffic; as this operation gets closer more details and impacts will 
be provided by the normal DOT notification process
– the re-location of underground utilities has not gone as well as 
expected, especially the tele-communication work that Qwest is doing; 
this longer than expected re-location work will have an impact on the 
substantial completion of the roadway fronting NDSU which was 
scheduled to be done prior to the start of fall semester; a new 
substantial completion date has not been identified yet, but it will 
definitely be sometime after the start of fall semester; this will 
mean temporary bus routes and crossings of 12th Ave similar to last 
spring semester when the project started; more details will be coming 
as the project progresses towards fall semester
This isn’t good news, but the project is progressing and when it is 
complete it will be something that we can all look at with great 
satisfaction knowing what it looked like prior to the project.
Have a great weekend and enjoy the nice weather.
Bruce Frantz
Director, Facilities Management
North Dakota State University