Disney Train

Disney’s train promoting its upcoming holiday movie A Christmas Carol, is at NDSU today and open to the public from 9 am to 7 pm. This is a free event. The train is parked at the corner of 12th Ave. N and 18th St.

Construction around campus is a bit of a challenge – but you CAN get here!

If you head to campus via the 12th Ave. N. bridge, you’ll turn south on 18th St then take a left at 11th Ave. That will take you to the south entrance of the T parking lot on campus. You may park there for free. 

If you are coming via 10th Ave. N… turn west at 11th Ave and again, you’ll come to the south end of the T parking Lot.

This event is sponsored and put on by Disney — NDSU is just one of 20 stops on their 36-state tour.