Even More Road Construction News…


Another update on road construction around campus:
The installation of a temporary gravel road from T2 Parking Lot 
around the south end of the Auxiliary Building to AE Parking Lot and 
then to TA Parking Lot has been completed.  This is available for 
vehicular access during those times that access from 17th St may not 
be available.
There is a significant amount of congestion on Barrett St with 
pedestrians, cars, trucks, buses, etc.  The contractor will be 
installing separation barriers to attempt to keep pedestrians away 
from the vehicles.  This will probably be complete by the end of the 
day today, so please follow the designated path of travel.  This is 
for everyone’s benefit.
As a reminder, the intersection of 12th Ave and Bolley Drive will be 
closed to north/south vehicular traffic beginning next week, but 
pedestrian crossing will still be available.
Bruce Frantz
Director, Facilities Management
North Dakota State University