More Thanks

Here’s a link to a great Letter to the Editor in the Forum:
Here’s another thank you sent to President Chapman:
Dear President Chapman–
I just wanted to say thank you for your insight in closing NDSU so
students, faculty and staff could help save our homes and community during
this flood. As a faithful NDSU employee, I struggled with the decision of
helping save our development or going to work and care for faculty and
staff children as they sand bagged in our community or at there own homes.
When NDSU closed, you took a weight off of my shoulders knowing I could
just help keep our development dry. I sandbagged, moved furniture
upstairs, called neighbors several times per day to inform them if they
were working to pump water out of our development or walk the dike at
night looking for leaks, controlled north and south bound traffic as clay
was poured on over half of our one access in and out, called the Red Cross
for food delivery, walked the dike for 2 hours each night and helped bus
loads of volunteers find the house that had an urgent cry for sand
A story for you! While controlling traffic in our development with my son
on a stormy morning, our feet and hands were getting very cold after three
hours of standing outside. I tried calling five people from our
development to re-leave us, but could not get a hold of anyone to help. Up
drives two women who identify themselves as NDSU employees and said we are
here to help at a specific address. That address was my home! With joy, I
asked if they would man the traffic sign and give directions as I needed
to move to manning the water pump for 2 hours. They respond with a
cheerful YES! To me these two women from the Counseling Department were
smiling angels that truly blessed our development.
Thank you for trusting our NDSU students, faculty and staff to help others
in need, as they did. Thank you for allowing us to save our homes instead
of feeling guilty that we can’t be in two places at once. Thank you for
sharing NDSU resources (the people) as each person was a blessing to our
In Appreciation,
Deb Habedank-Director
NDSU Center for Child Development