Fargo Road Closures

This is from InForum:

The Fargo Police Department has announced the closure of several roads that will be used for flood truck traffic only beginning at 6 a.m. Friday.

The closures are as follows:

– University Dr. from 35th Ave. N. to 40th Ave. S.

– 10th St. from 13th Ave. S. to 19th Ave. N.

– NP Ave. from University Dr. to the river

– 7th Ave. N. from University Dr. to the river

– 19th Ave. N. from University Dr. to Elm St.

The North Dakota National Guard will be assisting police at significant intersections to ensure the smooth flow of truck traffic and to block civilian traffic from using these roadways. Cross traffic will be allowed in a controlled manner.

Police are requesting the assistance of the public to ensure these critical roadways are kept open to allow flood fighting efforts to continue as rapidly as possible.