Latest Info On The Flood Front

Here’s a message from Janna Stoskopf, dean of student life at NDSU:

At a 1:30 pm press conference, the Mayor announced that the Red River is
now expected to crest at 41 feet on Saturday morning. This is the highest
river level in the history of Fargo.

As a result, we need more help. You all have put forth such wonderful
effort, and once again we need you!

This afternoon, NDSU volunteers will most likely be at neighborhood sites
raising the levels of the dikes. The goal is to raise them to 43 feet.
Please dress in layers, wear boots and gloves if you have them. Also the
dike areas are extremely slippery. Please take basic safety measures and
follow closely the instructions of site supervisors.

Sandbag preparation will continue on a 24 hour basis at sandbag central
and the Fargo Dome. The number of volunteers tends to drop off between
midnight and 8 am. If you are able to volunteer, please do so. Please
check in at the memorial union. Bag lunches will be available, and
transportation will continue to be available at the union transit station
all throughout the night.

Again…I thank you for all of your efforts. The city of Fargo is
extremely grateful, and I am very proud of the contribution NDSU is making
during this historic time.

Thank you for support!!

Janna Stoskopf
Dean of Student Life

NDSU Flood Protection Volunteer Station
Memorial Union