Know You Are Making A Difference

A couple of emails came in today from community members grateful for NDSU’s student volunteers during this flood fight. Here’s one of them:


President Chapman,
I just wanted to share with you another way your students are aiding the community that many are not aware of. Our child care sites employ some of your students on a part-time basis. We are opening free child care for sandbaggers at two of the Y branches from 9 AM – 4 PM, and our child care site at Calvary is making additional child care slots available to families affected adversely by the flood. Our NDSU student employees are aiding in this effort by helping provide child care to those families who are sandbagging their homes, whose primary child care facility has been closed due to flooding, or who are otherwise displaced by this crisis.
I appreciate your decision to send forth the students of NDSU to assist our community by sandbagging. I just wanted to let you know that they are helping our community in this other fantastic way as well. They are providing quality care for those children whose families are affected by the flood. Thank you for sending them out into the community to help!!! 
Colette K. Hellerud
Site Director
YMCA Childcare at Calvary
(701) 281-4960